Few User Experiences to keep in mind while designing a web page

Few of essential tips for designing ecommerce websites has been compiled to help those who are looking to own an eCommerce site in the future. In some ways, designing and eCommerce website is just like designing a standard information blog. However there is much more to think about in terms of functionality and integration design than just a banner and navigation bar.

In the blog we are not going to simply say use Photoshop and use a gradient for your banners background. We are going to look beyond the standard styling issues and actually give you tips on how to make your eCommerce site not only the best for you, buy also your visitors.

We are going to talk about Structure, Navigation, Extra functionalities all the way to actual product page design. We go this far because in reality all of these factors are going to play a part in keeping visitors on your website. When you run an eCommerce website you will quickly realise that a visitor isn’t simply someone searching for the information that you have to offer. They are real potential customers looking to buy a product on your website. The aim now, is to convert these visitors into paying, returning customers.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Professional Shopping Cart Software

Professional shopping cart software is almost business critical with any eCommerce website that has been released onto the internet. It is used in the way a regular real life shopping cart would be used. It means that a customer can select a multiple number of products they would like to buy and pay for them all together as one order.

Without the shopping cart software the only way an eCommerce website would work is by one item purchasing or email ordering which completely eliminates the need for eCommerce websites.

There are various software packages to choose from when it comes down to shopping cart software and although most companies would invest in a premium package that has been well-developed by a team of mainstream developers and put through various stages of testing, some would prefer to use a free system for their eCommerce website, little do they know this could actually be dangerous and significantly lower website security.

The real advantages and disadvantages of using paid for, premium and professional shopping cart software. We will look at things such as security, price, functionality and almost anything that would ever worry you about using a shopping cart.

You MUST use a professional shopping cart package as the final decision will always come down to you and your company. We are simply trying to outline how you can benefit from such a system but also point out any downfalls it might have.

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Advantages of Ecommerce

In this blog post we are going to have a brief look into the advantages of Ecommerce.
Ecommerce isn’t a business strategy or an entire solution of running a business. It is a way of conduction business online in order to put your product or service on the market to the millions of people who the internet every day.
eCommerce Website
Although some businesses are yet to start a move into the future method of commerce, they can probably already guess some of the main advantages of E-commerce. When you look at how technology is continuing to surpass expectations and how millions and millions of people are now using the internet every day for even the simplest daily tasks it is no surprise. One of these daily tasks is shopping which isn’t possible without some form of eCommerce solution, and did you know that Cyber Monday (The biggest online shopping day of the year) recorded a total spent of $1.25billion in the US alone. With that said, let’s take a look at the advantages of E-commerce.

Below is a list of some of the many advantages about the introduction of E-commerce for a company. Ecommerce is the result of moving transactions online so you can make commercial sales electronically.

Here are the advantages:

• Owning an eCommerce website opens your business to millions of users who would never get to see you shop due to geographical location.

• You can put more products on an eCommerce website than you will ever be able to fit in one store room or on the shelves.

• It’s easier to handle 10 customer queries via email than dealing with 10 customer’s at one time in store.

• The solution is manageable, and does not require any extra staff, saving you thousands every year from staff’s wages.

• Cheap set up costs as all you need is a domain, hosting and a free Pay pal (or other online transaction processor) account.

• If you take a drop shipping approach to eCommerce you do not actually require any physical stock at all, saving you space and meaning you simply process an order and collect profit.

eCommerce website builder

This blog post talks about what is available when having your eCommerce website built and why it’s crucial that you choose the right solution to ensure you get the best website possible. Some businesses look for the cheapest option available when having their website made however this isn’t the correct approach to having an eCommerce website built. Anyone who owns an eCommerce website absolutely has to understand that this is essentially their storefront, and a customer is going to have nothing but the website to determine whether they will buy from you or not.
eCommerce Website Builder
One thing that most businesses forget to think about is how having a website which acts as a store on the internet opens them up to an entire new market. The market is filled with millions of shoppers spending millions, possibly billions everyday. This is something which a company can’t find in the local high street.

Some will prefer to keep their web design in house have their web front build using some sort of read to use eCommerce website builder. This does have advantages of its own however others still see outsourcing the design to a team of professionally trained experts the easiest and most advantageous method.

Finding the right software or web design firm to build your eCommerce website is often the hardest part of the process on your behalf. There are now hundreds of different packages and plug-ins available promising to give you a fully established eCommerce website with minimal stress. Whilst this may be the case, these type of solution means you have to re-design and customize the site yourself if you want your website to look unique and stand out to potential clients.

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